Wednesday, September 10, 2014

China Specimen overprint stamp card

Recently I saw China Specimen overprint stamp card selling for $1250 from eBay seller "".

We know that how to increase value of stamps or philatelic material by just making it unique and rare.

But unique and rare don't come easily as you have to STOLE from government archive or create BOGUS (never exist) stamps or philatelic material.

Now look at following China Specimen overprint stamp card which is genuine as per seller. 

I am not an expert so I cannot say it's genuine or forgery or bogus, but I can make you think what are different possibilities and you have to decide as you have to pay money.!!

What do you think about Overprint SPECIMEN printed on the Chine stationary card.

Is it Genuine or STOLEN or Forgery or BOGUS (never exist).?

It will be very hard to find this information from communist government because of all kind of strict protocol they follow.

So it will be very hard to believe it's Genuine or Stolen from government archive. So now there are two possibilities either it's Forgery or BOGUS.!!

To me it looks more BOGUS because no one might have seen HOW china postal department handle this SPECIMEN overprint stamp. 

Also you cannot believe any handbooks or philatelic magazine or litetaure because they can print what ever they want (promote).

As per following Gandhi Stamps club blog post there are more BOGUS of this kind of SPECIMEN stamps.

Look at the return on investment if you just apply rubber stamp.!!

Don't it motivate to make this kind of money by just creating a rubber stamp and applying it on wide varieties of India postcards even though stamp collection is Declining or DYING.!!

In past we had seen lot of forgery in Indian postcard selling as SPECIMEN postcard.

(Following is some tidbit from the blog post)

If you make rubber stamps of "SPECIMEN" you can make lot of money by making FORGERY.!!

Yes Cheating collectors.!! Any way they are getting cheated .!! so they will not notice that they are cheated.!!

You just  need one postcard and apply "SPECIMEN" rubber stamp on postcard and start selling as India SPECIMEN postcard.

Now compare following two SPECIMEN rubber stamp (taken from 1969 Gandhi Postcard from India) and you will notice both are different.!!

We had seen lot of SPECIMEN forgery stamps so it's not a big thing in stamp collection.!!

1) Gandhi SPECIMEN stamp (unknown country or no value printed)

So  after reading this blog post and all the links about SPECIMEN stamps, now you need to think what is this China Specimen overprint stamp card and spend your money.!!


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